STDR003: RC X TM - Split

by Raccoon City Police Department / Tired Minds

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A split release between Raccoon City Police Department (SA) & Tired Minds (NSW) released through Spit The Dummy Records.

Physicals available here via our bigcartel (link in description)


released April 13, 2015

Recorded by Jarred Nettle at The House of SAP



all rights reserved


Spit The Dummy Records Sydney, Australia

distributor of dead formats to the masses.

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Track Name: Adults
Lately I've been missing the sound of rain
Lately I've been missing your skin internally
Mostly I've been missing simplicity
Mostly I've been missing your scenery
Sooner now than ever before
I'll be knocking at your door
Singing let me in, let me in
I can feel their breath on my skin
And it grows harder now every single day
When I leave that room and we got seperate ways
Being away from you
Fills me up with shame
Time takes longer now we've got a baby on the way
So hold my hand at night
And tell me it will be okay
Cause I'm a loser now and I won't make my son
Make my son the same
When everyday feels the same
What takes monotony away?
Is loneliness the same?
Am I feeling anything?
My thoughts are filled with drea
Cause I feel incompetant
Can't take care of myself let alone a little kid
My dreams they weigh like lead
Dragging me down to the depths
I can't be alone
Not like this
So don't go
Please stay
Help me ease this pain
Don't go
Please Stay
Track Name: Children
At the end of the day
When your teeth break through your skin
Just remember human blood
Runs deep with venom
At the start of the day
When rubbing sleep from your eyes
Humour me with pain
Humour my disguise
I read some scripture on the bathroom walls
said "do unto others as you would to yourself"
But that will never help
For the past 16 years I've been torturing myself
Speak to your refelction
That gaunt ghost in the mirror
Tell them all the lies
Whatever it takes to believe
Whatever it takes to ascend
Show slowly opening eyes
When I look into her eyes
I can't help but feel the whole world lies
When I look into her eyes
I wish I didn't see that mankind is her demise
Even when I dream birds fall from trees and die around me
Only when I sleep can I see that there is no hope out to sea
I guess its sad to say that comprehension was slowly drawn to me
The world isn't balanced and will never be until diversity achieved
What if when I dream it's darkness come to swallow me
Only when asleep can we all see
As ong as there is god we can't really be free
Track Name: Funeral's Home
The men spit venom in here,
On all the love we wear
Skin still talks and skin still fucks
And skin still walks and skin still rots
Heart shook under my skin
As all these 60's men win
Big, cruel and better than us.
They wed, and a funeral for us.
And they're all still living well,
At the edge of a living hell, they'd wed well.
Track Name: TV Men
I want to choke
On all the butts of this killing joke
I want to see how all well fed men bruise
I want to grow
Into TV men, white teeth, new news
I wanna see how well fed families lose
Learning to fear, all the hell they pioneer
Feed screen men, by starving you
And men like them, they never lose
I want to grow
Into TV men, big screen , new news
I want to see
how well fed families lose
I want to go
And be the butt of a killing joke